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Nupco was established in 2009, with 1.5 billion SAR as capital. It is the leading company in Saudi Arabia in procurement, logistics and supply chain management for pharmaceutical, medical devices and supplies for governmental hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

it is fully owned by the Public Investment Fund, nupco was found to achieve two main objectives which are achieving cost spending efficiency and improving the level of healthcare services providers to the governmental hospitals.

Starting from MOH, National Gard, MOI, University hospitals and specialized hospitals with 20 Billion SAR yearly for purchasing majorly in medication aside medical devices and supplements.

The main concern for the board of directors is to answer the question: How to serve the patient in a better way, provide the best medical service to the patient which meets the aspiration of our government and achieves the goals of 2030 vision.

  Fahad M. Alshebel

A Supply Chain of Value

Nupco is the largest value-driven and centralized health care procurement, re-exporting, warehousing and distribution company for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2009 and fully–owned by Public Investment Fund, Nupco aims to elevate the performance of healthcare sector by strategically improving the healthcare facilities in all public hospitals and medical centers in the Kingdom.
Backed by strong insights and powerful global network, Nupco empowers healthcare institutions to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care to everyone.

Together with our member hospitals and suppliers, Nupco is advancing towards fueling a new business model and a new approach to healthcare all through the power of integrated technology and connectivity.
Through its focused and perceptive approach towards improving healthcare facilities at governmental level, Nupco offers quality services to its customers. It prioritizes the clients’ needs and assists them in providing best healthcare services. Nupco extends its due share in healthcare market to ensure sustainable and optimum health facilities for the entire Saudi community.

Our Mission

 We anticipate , build and optimize healthcare supply chains , making them as seamless and effective as possible

Our Purpose

  enable communities to access the highest standards of healthcare, by ensuring that the right healthcare products are in the hands of those who need them when they need them.

Board Of Directors

H. E. Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah

Chairman of the Board

Eng. Issam Othman Al-Jubeir

Vice Chairman

P. Yasser Al-Qaidhan

Board Member

H. E. Dr. Hisham Al-Jadhaei

Board Member

Dr. Ahmed M. Al-Amri

Board Member

P. Osama A. Banaga

Board Member

Dr. Yasser I. Al Obaida

Board Member

P. Faisal S. Al-Baddah

Board Member

Proudly Contributing to Saudi Vision 2030

Recognizing healthcare as one of the main focus areas of Saudi Vision 2030, Nupco is at the core of the overall healthcare reform program. It establishes Nupco as a major governmental company for medical procurement with financial competency and a flexible policy for purchasing, storing and distributing.

Nupco is meeting the following Saudi Vision 2030 objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector through the use of information technology and digital transformation.
  • Increase the efficient utilization of available resources.
  • Improve the infrastructure, facility management and safety standards in healthcare facilities.
  • Improve the quality of life and healthcare service provided to patients outside hospitals.
  • Improve quality and safety principles as well as the skills of service providers.

Strategic Goals

Enable the public health sector to raise the level of health services
Improving the efficiency of government spending for the purchase of medicines, medical devices and supplies
Organizing procedures to provide the needs of the public health sectors through unified procurement
Consolidate a directory of medical items and provide them with the lowest costs
Increasing the effectiveness of supply chains in the public health sector

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