Towards a Renewable Digital Transformation

inupco is a Source-to-Pay platform built to automate all procurement steps that help NUPCO’s stakeholders to procure the right items at the right price, in the right time.

NUPCO.. Integrated supply chains

We are working to achieve the optimum level
For easy and efficient healthcare operations


65,000 administration The total number of items offered by NUPCO


80 administrations Number of entities that benefited from NUPCO competitions

Competition value

117 Billion Riyals Competition value Total value of competitions managed by NUPCO

Contract value

49 Billion Riyals Contract value Total value of contracts managed by NUPCO


353,000 pallet The size of the warehouses

About Nupco

NUPCO was established in 2009 and is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund. The company aims to achieve the efficiency of government spending in the Kingdom

Our services

Nupco services are specifically designed to meet the needs of service providers
Healthcare services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Logistics services

Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing.

Unified Procurement

Driving System of Care with Strategic Procurement

Business Solutions

Transforming Healthcare with Innovative, Technology-Driven Solutions


NUPCO services are specifically designed to meet
Health care provider needs

NUPCO signs a Sponsorship with Al Nassr Saudi Club

In line with the role of the Public Investment Fund in launching and developing strategic sectors in the Kingdom and enhancing their economic impact, including the sports sector, and affirming NUPCO's role in achieving community sustainability through active contribution to the development of Saudi sports, NUPCO signed a Sponsorship contract with Al Nassr Saudi Club for a period of three years starting from July 2023. NUPCO was represented in signing the agreement by the CEO of Operations, Mr. Fahd Al-Bat’hi, and Al Nassr Club was represented by Mr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, the CEO. On this ....

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