Unified Catalogue

Unified Catalogue for Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies and Laboratories Supplies

It is a Catalogue that reflects the items and services that meet the needs of the Governmental health sectors in the Kingdom, as the catalogue was built and originated from the Governmental health sectors’ catalogues and requested list items with the participation of their nominated specialized members either in the permanent committees or tender preparation committees. This unified catalogue was built by the recommendation of several consulting companies specialized in standardizing the item description and coding services in a way that meets the approved international standards.

Publishing the Catalogue is facilitating the process of managing requests for Governmental health sectors through generic and unified descriptions with the services provided by the bid provider and reflect the unified catalogue on Nupco’s website, which will facilitate the process of requesting and participating to cover all needs from health sectors, and to commit to the plan for offering unified annual tenders agreed upon with the health sectors, and attracting suppliers globally to study the categorized items, give their offers through different procurement services, and to cover the large need from health sectors.
Enhancing the principle of investment in reflecting the Kingdom’s needs for the health system (by strategic management with stakeholders), in order to achieve:

    • Increasing requests for medical product registration.
    • Solving problems of shortage and availability of products and services.
    • Attracting foreign investments, transferring knowledge and localizing industry.
    Mechanism for publishing and updating the Unified Catalogue:

    The Unified Catalogue lists are updated periodically through permanent and preparation committees with the participation of all health sectors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by their nominated and specialized members.



    • The Unified Catalogue for Pharmaceutical the update date is Dhu Al-Qidah 1445 AH – June 2024 AD

    • The Unified Catalogue for Medical Equipment the update date is Rabi al-Awwal 1445 AH – SEPTEMBER 2023 AD

    • The Unified Catalogue for Medical Supplies the update date is Dhu al-Qidah 7,1445 AH – APRIL 2024 AD

      • The Unified Catalogue for Laboratories Supplies the update date is Dhu al-Qidah 7,1445 AH – APRIL 2024 AD

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